Our aspiration is for our delivery teams to be considered the
most committed, dependable and highly skilled in the market


We only recruit individuals who are unique, hungry for success, are excited by delivering change on a large scale and in complex environments, are willing to go the extra mile, can anticipate what change leaders are looking for, are driven by quality and share an aspiration to become the best change specialists in the market today

We have developed a unique training approach that ensures our people are experts across all core skills of delivery, they have the appropriate industry insights for the programmes they are about to embark on and have the right soft skills to enable them to seamlessly embed themselves into our clients’ organisations


We deploy a team structure that consists of two grades

The first is the Consultant who will have 8 – 10 years of consulting experience. The Consultant drives the agenda and delivery focus for our onsite teams. The Consultant acts as the interface to our client stakeholders

Our Consultants have achieved a standard of excellence across all of our core capabilities

The second is the Associate grade made up of excellent delivery individuals, with solid consulting capabilities and the enthusiasm and agility to deliver large and complex areas of change. Our Associates take a more specialist role and will be aligned to a number of our core capabilities

All members of our teams share a set of core attributes and are guided by our firm wide principles

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